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Expedite Permitting.

Automate the Build Permit process with Citmit's AI software



We at Citmit have witnessed firsthand the strain and convolution of construction permitting. Our accessible AI-driven plan checker provides locally relevant feedback on construction projects and streamlines communication between architects, engineers, developers, and building departments to ensure that projects are completed ahead of schedule.

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The figures behind the current permitting crisis are staggering. Costs snake ever higher as dealing with overburdened municipal governments pushes developers to jump through months-long hoops to pursue build permits. Citmit promises to relieve the pressure from all sides.

Months to Hours.

The generally expected wait times for construction permits promise to be slashed by Citmit's smart automated plan checker. Months of waiting—and the associated costs of delays—will be a thing of the past. City responsivity will reach an all-time high.

Dollars Saved.

Citmit circumvents the need for costly permit runners and will obscolesce the cost of delays. No more will workers and construction equipment need to sit idle in anticipation. Our platform makes delay alien, expediting everything that matters.

Matchless Accuracy.

Expect a bespoke AI-driven response to any construction plans submitted to our platform. Local regulations and structural observations will be seamlessly woven into a friendly, accessible, and—above all else—useful feedback package.

Stable Modernity.

Our team of developers, familiar with our in-house AI product, are committed to ensuring a continually smooth experience to all users of the Cimtit platform. Step into the modern day without the risk of a shaky software or experimental service.

Our Product

Citmit's platform—a dynamic, AI-augmented permit portal—promises to revolutionize plan checking while improving communication between all sides of a building project.

Our Team 

Ari Ramsan 

John Dempsey

Operations +Technical

Gabe Magaña

Security + Technical

Luke McColm

Raymond Romero

Yash Ravipati

AI + Full-Stack

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There is only one way to join the revolution in permitting and plan checking: with Citmit. Reach out to us to arrange a meeting.

9510 Innovation Ln, Suite 151

La Jolla, CA 92093

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